Mnmgt hw ch 2 - the company’s strengths(core competencies...

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Rolando Hernandez 02/16/11 Operations Management Dr. Jeffers CH. 2 H.W. D.Q. 1-3 1. A business strategy is a long-range plan and vision for a business. Each of the individual business functions needs to support the business strategy. The role of business strategy is to serve as an overall guide for the development of the organization’s operations strategy. The business strategy is important because without it the company cannot effectively operate in the long run and will eventually go out of business. 2. The role of operations strategy is to provide a long-range plan for the use of the company’s resources in producing the company’s primary goods and services. 3. A company’s business strategy is developed after its managers have considered many factors and have made some strategic decisions. These include developing an understanding of what business the company is in (the company’s mission), analyzing and developing an understanding of the market (environmental scanning), and identifying
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Unformatted text preview: the company’s strengths (core competencies). These three factors are critical to the development of the company’s long-range plan, or business strategy. Prob. 6-8 6. The productivity of Aztec furnishings has increased dramatically. It went from producing 50 (60-10 defective) pieces of furniture a day to producing 89 (90-1 defective) pieces. Output has increased by 39 pieces of furniture a day. 7. a) PRODUCTIVY RATIO FOR OLD PRODUCTION SYSTEM (20000 units*15% defective)=3000 defective, 20000-30000=17000 units=monthly output (8 hrs*5 days)=40 hrs*4weeks=160 hrs=monthly labor 17000/160=106.25 Productivity=106.25 PRODUCTIVITY FOR NEW PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM 25000*9%=2250, 25000-2250=22750 22750/160=142.1875 b) The productivity increased from the old production system to the new. The new system produces more output with less defective items. 8. a) MULTIFACTOR PRODUCTIVITY RATIO 60/(15+20+20)=1.09 b) LABOR PRODUCTIVITY RATIO 60/3=20...
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Mnmgt hw ch 2 - the company’s strengths(core competencies...

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