Ch. 3-4 Quiz Questions

Ch. 3-4 Quiz Questions - c Encoding d Instrumental...

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Robert Colaianni September 9, 201 Dr. Predmore Consumer Behavior Chapter 3 and 4 Questions Ch-3 1. When a product first comes out people are eager to get their hands on it, however if this product becomes overexposed in the marketplace after a period of time. What is this known as? a. Failure b. Extinction* c. Fading d. Product discrimination 2. John is at the supermarket looking for a pack of Oreo’s. He is in a rush so he quickly grabs what he thinks are Oreo’s and after paying exits the store. When he gets home he realizes that what he grabbed was not Oreo’s but a similar product. What is this called? a. Copyright Infringement b. The Halo Effect c. Masked Branding d. Look-Alike-Packaging* 3. What is it called when we learn to perform behaviors that produce positive outcomes and avoid those that yield negative outcomes? a. Operant Conditioning b. Stimulus Generalization
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Unformatted text preview: c. Encoding d. Instrumental Conditioning* Ch-4 1. Define a person’s perceived relevance of the object based on their inherent needs, values, and interests? a. Involvement* b. Self Actualization c. Affiliation d. Maslow’s Effect 2. Which is the correct order of needs From Lower-Level Needs to Upper-Level Needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy? a. Safety, Psychological, Ego Needs, Belongingness, Self- Actualization b. Physiological, Safety, Belongingness, Ego Needs, Self Actualization* c. Belongingness, Physiological, Safety, Self Actualization, Ego Needs d. Self Actualization, Ego Needs, Belongingness, Safety, Physiological 3. The impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases they produce is called? a. Pollution b. The Carbon Footprint* c. Consumer Waste d. Ozone Depletion...
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Ch. 3-4 Quiz Questions - c Encoding d Instrumental...

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