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Robert Colaianni Quiz questions Ch. 1-2 1. From a consumer’s perspective, what are the three things that they would most be concerned with when buying a product? a. Travel issues, pricing issues, storing issues (b.) Prepurchase Issues, Purchase Issues, Postpurchase Issues c. Customers opinion, pricing issues, financial decisions d. Prepurchase Issues, pricing issues, Postpurchase Issues 2. Define "Relationship Marketing" (a.) Sending a customer emails about new products and deals and keeping strong ties with
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Unformatted text preview: them. b. When a customer tells his or her friends about the deal they just got at a certain retailer c. Tracking specific customers buying habits and crafting products and messages according to what research shows. d. When a company gives their product to customers free of charge on certain occasions. 3. What is the term for inventory and cash losses from shoplifting and employee theft? 1. Depreciation 2. Anticonsumption (3.) Shrinkage 4. Burglary...
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