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Chapter 7 Questions-1

Chapter 7 Questions-1 - Answer B 3 A couple might be seen...

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Chapter 7 Questions 1. Specific types of feelings that can be generated by an ad include all EXCEPT A. Neutral Feelings B. Upbeat Feelings C. Warm Feelings D. Negative Feelings Answer A 2. The basic multiattribute models specify which three elements? A. Attributes, Beliefs, Feelings B. Attributes, Beliefs, Importance Weights C. Beliefs, Feelings, Importance Weights D. Feelings, Thoughts, Importance Weights
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Unformatted text preview: Answer B 3. A couple might be seen as having a positive sentiment relation and on getting married, they will have a positive unit relation. The process of divorce is an attempt to sever a unit relation. This is an example of… A. Self-perception theory B. Theory of cognitive dissonance C. Balance Theory D. ABC model of attitudes Answer C...
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