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Robert Colaianni October 3, 2010 Dr. Predmore Consumer Behavior Chapter 7 Quiz Questions 1. This can be classified, as a new way companies are able to transmit information in both text and picture form to wireless devices including cell phones, PDA’s and IPods: A. M- Commerce * B. Web 2.0 C. Internet Marketing D. Widgets 2. Define Source attractiveness: A. Thinking that someone in a commercial is good looking
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Unformatted text preview: B. Disregarding the person who is speaking in a commercial and only focusing on the product C. The social value recipients attribute to a communicator, relating to a physical appearance, personality, social status or similarity* D. A commercial that gets the point across 3. What is an example of a spokescharacter A. Mickey Mouse B. The Hulk C. The AFLAC duck D. The GEICO Gecko E. C and D...
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