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Chapter 8 Quiz Questions - software programs known as A...

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Robert Colaianni October 12, 2010 Dr. Predmore Consumer Behavior Chapter 8 Quiz questions 1. If you have been doing an extensive search on a certain product because of its complexity and price and you believe that there may be negative consequences if you use or end up not using the product it is called? A. Perceived Risk* B. Functional Risk C. Social Risk D. Psychological Risk 2. Any website that has the ability to suggest you a product because of previous purchases with that company such as Amazon.com use a
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Unformatted text preview: software programs known as? A. Brand Advocate System B. Reputation System C. Intelligent Agents* D. Product History Management 3. Ethnocentric consumers feel A. That their countries products are superior to those made in other countries B. Feel it is wrong to buy products made elsewhere, feeling it may have an adverse affect effect on the domestic economy* C. When buying a product, they should check to see where it was made D. All of the above...
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