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Chapter 9 Quiz Questions - C a rare watch booth at the mall...

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Robert Colaianni October 22, 2010 Dr. Predmore Consumer Behavior Chapter 9 Quiz Questions 1. Define Shopping Orientation: A. a general attitude about shopping* B. what stores you like to visit C. the choice of buying things in a store rather then online D. how much money you spend in a particular 2. What is an example of a pop-up store? A. any type of dollar store B. a wholesale retailer like Costco
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Unformatted text preview: C. a rare watch booth at the mall that is there for a couple of days* D. a company that just opens a store in a certain location then goes bankrupt 3. What is a complex set of management and engineering procedures that aims to reduce errors and increase quality? A. gemba B. total quality management* C. logistics D. customer equity...
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