Anthro 4 - Anthro 4 16:27:00 ← Religion ch 13 ← ←...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthro 4 03/03/2008 16:27:00 ← Religion ch. 13 ← ← Tylor- early anthropologist • Looked into religion • Religion is beliefs and actions related to supernatural beings and forces • People start with animism beliefs (a belief in spirits) • As people progress they believe in polytheism (belief in many gods) • Then people believe in monotheism • Then science, it takes over the need to believe with explanation for everything that was once unexplainable ← Durkheim- • How does religion work to keep us together o Reinforces norms/ laws ← Magic • A method of coursing the supernatural to do what you want it to • Types: o Imitative- something that imitates something else that you want. A voodoo doll that looks like the person you want to hurt o Contagious- I can take some of your hair and then do something to you because I have your hair. Need physical connection to person (like because I have your hair....
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Anthro 4 - Anthro 4 16:27:00 ← Religion ch 13 ← ←...

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