Genetic engineering - Genetic engineering Too Dangerous...

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Genetic engineering Too Dangerous Robert sinsheimer What – genetic engineering Possibility derives from major advances in DNA tech. o Mean for the cleavage of DNA at highly specif. spots o Develop. Of simple and generally applicable methods o Discover. Of effective techniques to introduce DNA into previously refractory organisms o Some of the strains could persist in the intestines and genome of a virus could escape could be taken up could transform a host cell is unknown o Controlled evolution? How Asilomar to discuss o Rank the types of experiments How hazardous- impossible to establish. Scientist differed widely in opinion Put of until biological containment is avail Compares right to experiment to boundaries in society related to say right to free press and how they have limitations with in reason Cant predict the consequence of controlled evolution and cloning Why To introduce a sudden major discontinuity (drastic change) in the human gene pool might well create a major mismatch between our social order and how our individual capacities. Even a minor perturbation such as a marked change in the sex ratio from its present near equality could shake our social structures --- or consider the impact of a major change in the human lifespan can we really predict the results of
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Genetic engineering - Genetic engineering Too Dangerous...

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