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Miniensayo 4 Colombia - One of the ideological heroes is...

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Insergent terrorizing Colombia for 20 year Began in 1960s Colombia has not had peace in 4 years Colonization independence civil war Liberal vs conservative Corrupt gov No peace or stability Many political assassinations Liberals serperate and form cooperatives in south of Colombia: communists believed that gov was corrupt. LA FARC fuerzas armadas revoluvionarias de Colombia: had positive political cause at first; idea was to overtake the gov to form communist agrarian society; most members have died off. Founded in 1964: leader Pedro Antonio marine alias manual velez; nicknamed tiro fijo never missed a shot Made up of 7 members: Alfonso Cano is new main leader. Sudan and sierra leon use many child soldiers; 3 rd in the world
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Unformatted text preview: One of the ideological heroes is Jacobo Arenas: wanted to use a political approach to take over Colombia, against drug trafficking. In 2000 president Orive took control of the Colombia; national security was most important for him. Clinton sent military aid to Colombia ot fight drug war against the FAR A deal was offered to the FARC to take part of the land in exchange for peace Ingrid Betancourt was eager to negotiate with the FARC in order to change Colombia and establish peace but was kidnapped along with her freind clara rojas in her efforts. The Colombian gov then organized a rescue mission with the red cross to save 15 hostages from the FARC, including Ingrid and some Americans....
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