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Rolando Hernandez Mkt qestion ch 1-6

Rolando Hernandez Mkt qestion ch 1-6 - rRolando Hernandez...

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rRolando Hernandez Question Ch. 1-6 Chapter 1 1. What is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs or desires. Consumer Behavior 2. Marketers who interact with customers on a regular basis and give them reasons to maintain a bind with the company over time believe in this philosophy. Relationship Marketing 3. The sociological perspective of ___________ _____________ takes the view that much of consumer behavior resembles actions in a play. Role Theory Chapter 2 1. The immediate response of our sensory receptors to basic stimuli such as light, color, sound, odor, and texture. Sensation 2. Occurs when the stimulus is below the level of the consumers’ awareness. Subliminal Perception 3. The meanings we assign to sensory stimuli. Interpretation Chapter 3 1. What is a relatively permanent change in behavior that experience causes. Learning 2. Stores the information we receive from our senses. Sensory Memory 3. Describes a bittersweet emotion where we view the past with both sadness and longing. Nostalgia
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Chapter 4 1. What are three relevant needs to consumer behavior? Need for affiliation, Need for power, Need for uniqueness 2. A person perceived relevance of the object based on their inherent needs, values, and interests. Involvement 3. A belief that some condition is preferable to its opposite. Value Chapter 5 1. _________ ________ summarizes the beliefs a person holds about his own attributes and how he evaluates the self on these qualities. Self-Concept 2. This sociological tradition stresses that relationship with other people play a large part in forming the self. Symbolic Interaction 3. A consumer’s subjective evaluation of his physical self. Body Image Chapter 6 1. An approach that involves the “use of psychological, sociological, and anthropological factors….to determine how the market is segmented by the propensity of groups within the market-and their reasons-to make a particular decision about a product, person, ideology, or otherwise hold an attitude or use a medium.
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Rolando Hernandez Mkt qestion ch 1-6 - rRolando Hernandez...

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