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Rolando plato - Rolando Hernandez Phil 201 Ethics Prof...

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Rolando Hernandez 02/08/10 Phil 201- Ethics Prof. Carolina Sosa Plato : Moral Obligation Plato has proven to be one of the most well renowned philosophers of all time. He addresses morality by asking the question of “how man should live”. The answer to his question is extremely broad because it is explained by asking yourself what benefits you or what contributes to your happiness. Everyone will have a different opinion and a variety of different answers will arise. Rationality plays a major role in Plato’s perception of what is moral; therefore suggesting that he accepts the teleological principle, which states that “what has a rationally justifiable claim on an agent must contribute to his happiness“. (Irwin, 250) Plato might be taken to say that morality is what promotes the agent’s happiness. He does not, however, try to describe or offer a way to understand morality; “he wants to know what in general it is rational for someone to do” (Irwin, 251). The strongest statement of principle in
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