MGT 340 Final Exam Review - CHAPTER 15: Groups and Teams 1....

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CHAPTER 15: Groups and Teams 1. Four Stages of Groups a. Forming—arranging (formal or informal) b. Storming—conflict inside group, everyone finds their place c. Norming—decide roles/activities- COHESION d. Performing—actual performance of assignment 2. F 3. Discuss a. Roles— b. Norms— c. Conformity— d. Status— e. Social loafing— f. Cohesiveness— g. Group think— 4. 3 views of conflict 5. 3 types of conflict 6. Four types of teams 7. Global teams problems a. Language barriers, cultural differences, communication issues, technology issues CHAPTER 16: Motivating Employees 1. Motivation—forces within an individual that account for: level, direction, persistence a. Extrinsic rewards—pay, benefit, promotions b. Intrinsic rewards—from within- self image, satisfaction, etc. 2. Define and Discuss a. Maslow—hierarchy of needs
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i. Lower order—physiological, safety, social needs ii. Higher order—esteem, self-actualization iii. Deficit—one need not met, no motivation iv. Progression—high level cannot be met until lower is satisfied b. Aldefer’s ERG—five needs into three categories i. Existence—physiological well-being ii. Relatedness—good interpersonal relationship
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MGT 340 Final Exam Review - CHAPTER 15: Groups and Teams 1....

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