MKT 350 Exam 2 Review - I. Chapter 9 A. Hypothesisinformed...

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I. Chapter 9 A. Hypothesis—informed guess/assumption about a certain problem or set of circumstances B. Three Types of Research: 1. Exploratory—more research needed about problem or to make hypothesis more specific 2. Descriptive—clarify characteristics of certain phenomena 3. Casual—cause and effect variables C. Valid v. Reliable 1. Validity—research method measures what it is supposed to measure 2. Reliability—identical results in repeated trials D. Primary v. Secondary 1. Primary Collected from original research Observed and recorded/collected directly from respondents Current, problem specific, COSTLY 2. Secondary Previously collected Compiled inside and outside organization for some purpose other than the current investigation E. Types of Questions 1. Open-ended 2. Closed-ended Dichotomous Multiple Choice Likert Scale (shows degrees) II. Chapter 6 A. Four Types of Business Markets
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1. Producer Market Organizations that purchase products to produce other products in order to profit 2. Reseller Markets Intermediaries who buy finished goods and resell them for profit Wholesalers purchase products for resale to retailers Retailers purchase products and resell them to final customers 3. Government Markets Complex buying procedures requiring bids and negotiated contracts 4. Institutional Markets Organizations with charitable, educational, community, or other non-business goals III. Chapter 5 A. Level of Involvement—buyers interest and importance
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MKT 350 Exam 2 Review - I. Chapter 9 A. Hypothesisinformed...

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