MKT 350 Exam 4 Review - CHAPTER 15 Marketing Channels and...

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CHAPTER 15: Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management I. Nature of Channels A. Major Role—right quantity of product available at right time in the right place B. Distribution—activities that make products available to customers when & where they want to purchase them C. Marketing Channel—group of individuals/organizations that direct the flow of products from producers to customers 1. Create utility— time, place, and possession utility 2. Facilitate exchange efficiencies—intermediaries: a. Reduce overall costs of exchanges, search for customers, maintain order 3. Form a supply chain—reduce inefficiencies, costs, and redundancies D. Marketing Intermediary 1. Middleman linking producers to other middlemen or ultimate consumers 2. Through contractual arrangements 3. Or through the purchase and resale of products II. Types of Channels A. Consumer B. Business 1. Industrial distributor—independent that takes title to business products and carries inventories 2. Manufacturers agent—independent commission-based business who sells complementary products (does not take title or inventory) C. Multiple channels/channel alliances 1. Dual distribution—use of two or more marketing channels to distribute same product 2. Strategic channel alliance—products of one distributed thru marketing channels of another III. Market Coverage A. Intensive Distribution 1. Using all outlets to distribute 2. Convenience products with high replacement 3. Availability and reduces search time B. Selective 1. Using only some outlets
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2. Shopping/durables w/ low replacement rates
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MKT 350 Exam 4 Review - CHAPTER 15 Marketing Channels and...

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