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05312011 INTL4240 - INTL4240 NGOs and IGOs provide...

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May 31, 2011 INTL4240 NGOs and IGOs provide informations governments may not be able or may not be willing to provide -Raise awareness -Can pressure voters to pressure congresspeople to bring resolutions TRADE AND COMMERCE &The role of international institutions -Area where most international corporations and institutions are most developed -Area where most people argue international institutions have been the most successful -Institutionalists: WTO -Have been successful -International trade is a good example for collective action and cooperation problems -When countries want to trade/one reason why countries should trade is because every country has a particular advantage -U.S.: technology -LDC: agriculture -Smaller Euro Countries: services, low tax rates; strong efforts to build human capital -Every country has a special advantage, specialize what they advantage in, export it, and import those that they don't have advantage, then everyone should gain -Raises aggregated wealth -Does not always mean that everybody is better off World Trade Organization -Organization that is rooted in a treaty/regime -GATT, TRIPS -The WTO is a rather small organization compared to some other organizations -Has global reaches, global organization, and has a large number of members -Has made 3 major contributions to the international system: 1. Has established rules that governs policies/international trade 2. Requires members to maintain lists of import tariffs 1. Cannot be altered except through multilateral negotiation 3. Set up a series of courts that can hear complaints when one member believes that another member is breaking any of the rules -The changes have radically changed the international system
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05312011 INTL4240 - INTL4240 NGOs and IGOs provide...

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