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INTL3300 October 19, 2010 Democratic Norms: Some would argue that democracy functions best when it is accompanied by certain kinds of norms A “civic culture” based on tolerance and moderation towards the opposition, but it may take a long time for such a culture to emerge “The contingent consent of politicians acting under conditions of bounded uncertainty Can take long times to make the norms take root Ex., Iraq – Shiites suffered for along time under Sunnis, and because of this, there's a lot of hostility, and lack compromising mood. But for Iraq to be stable and non violent, need contingent consent and bounded uncertainty Contingent Consent: The behavior of winners and losers [in terms of democratic elections] Need to keep rules around to let the opposition exist Those who win elections cannot use their newly acquired power to undermine the ability of losers to contest or win elections in the future Need respect for outcomes Momentary losers must respect the winners' right to make binding decisions in the present Citizens are expected to obey the decisions resulting from this competition contingent on the fairness of the process Bounded Uncertainty In any democracy, there must be a degree of uncertainty about who will eb elected and what
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10192010 INTL3300 - INTL3300 October 19, 2010 Democratic...

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