INTL3300 11042010 NOTES

INTL3300 11042010 NOTES - November 4, 2010 INTL3300 Marxism...

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November 4, 2010 INTL3300 Marxism North Korea Cuba Most part, communism is dead Didn't work, created a lot of human suffering, loss of freedom To understand what they were about, the starting point is ideology of Marxism Communism - Eliminate private property and market - USSR, not USCR? Socialism is the interim stage between communism and capitalism - Socialism – government was not dissolved; state still existed - Communism – no state exists at all 2 Main ideas in 19 th Century: Socialism and Libertarianism Marx is a social scientist, political economist, philosopher Other than someone like Smith, as far as 19 th and 20 th century go, not anyone else has had much impact on history than Marx - Cold War Created global schism and conflict and battle of ideas Complete Ideology: Need history, adversary, and future idea Humans are unique because we can manipulate nature Hegel and his ideas and philosophies: Idea, challenge idea emerges Thesis, Anithesis and resolution of that contradiction between two ideas leads to a new idea or resolution, Synthesis And then move forward; repeats and is how history progresses; competition of ideas Dialectical idealisim For Hegel, an idealist, he emphasizes principles, ideas, beliefs The struggle of ideas pushes human history forward Marx's view is heavily influenced by Hegel BUT Marx is a materialist Thesis: Feudal lords; Antithesis: serfs; Synthesis: Bourgeosise Proletariat, and then a new battle
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INTL3300 11042010 NOTES - November 4, 2010 INTL3300 Marxism...

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