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INTL3300 11162010 NOTES - INTL3300 Notes Development Many...

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November 16, 2010 INTL3300 Notes Development Many realists are worried of the rapid developing and industrialization rate of China Loss of jobs through outsourcing make people skeptical G20 Summit – Main Concern: Trade Defecit and Inbalances Germany, Japan Surplus countries should loosen belts by lowering taxes, spending more, etc. when adopting looser fiscal and monetary policies, it'll stimulate growth of own domestic and also suck in our goods Average households in China don't have enough to spend on extra purchasing Growth and Distribution Distribution of wealth and economic growth Key concerns: ensure growth is sustainable and benefits and are as widely shared as possible Primacy of Growth: Using Africa as an example, we have to stress how important economic growth is Essential for lifting people out of poverty Environmental protection is important, but still have to look at growth Growth rate increases would reduce infant mortality rates Redistribution is pointless if economic pie is extremely small Example; land reform in Asian countries led to success, unlike Latin American countries After Colonialism Development did not become a pressing global concern until after WWII because of the end of
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INTL3300 11162010 NOTES - INTL3300 Notes Development Many...

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