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test 4 study guide - Ch.13 Religion: beliefs and actions...

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Ch.13 Religion : beliefs and actions related to supernatural beings and forces Magic : the attempt to compel supernatural forces and beings to act in certain ways Animism : the belief in souls or “doubles” Myth : a narrative with a plot that involves the supernaturals Doctrine : direct and formalized statements about religious beliefs Animatisms : a belief system in which the supernatural is conceived of as an n impersonal power Ritual : a patterned form of behavior that has to do with the supernatural realm Life - cycle ritual : a ritual performed to mark a change in status from one life stage to another of an individual or group Ritual of inversion : a ritual in which normal social roles and order are temporarily reversed Sacrifice : a ritual in which something is offered to the supernaturals Priest / priestess : male or female full-time religious specialist whose position is based mainly on abilities gained through formal training World religion : a term coined in the nineteenth century to refer to religions that had many followers, that crossed state borders, and that exhibited other features such as a concern with salvation Religious pluralism : when one or more religions co-exist as either complementary to each other or as competitive systems Syncretism : the blending of features of two or more cultures, especially used in discussion of religious change Revitalization movement : a religious movement, usually organized by a prophetic leader that seeks to construct more satisfying situation by reviving all or parts of a religion that has been
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test 4 study guide - Ch.13 Religion: beliefs and actions...

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