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Dimensional analysis using units in chemistry : Finally, we introduce units you may not be familiar with yet. The same method still applies! Cancel out the units and calculate the numbers using multiplication and/or division. The remaining unit(s) and numbers provide your answer. Knowns: 6.02 × 10 23 particles = 1 mole 1 mole of aluminum = 26.98 grams of aluminum 1 mole of oxygen = 32 grams of oxygen 4. Solve each expression. A. How many moles of aluminum are in 10. grams of aluminum? 10. g of aluminum × = B. How many atoms are in a 10. gram sample of aluminum? 10. g of aluminum × × = C. How many moles of oxygen are in 4.0 grams of oxygen? D. How many particles are in a 12 gram sample of oxygen? Name: Period: Date: I. Dimensional analysis using shapes : The shapes in this exercise represent unknown variables. If a shape is present above and below the division line, it cancels out to one. The remaining shape(s) provide your answer. Example
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CUnit_1Intro_to_Dim_Analy_WS_Legal - IV Dimensional...

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