BlazerHRActions - administrative assistant copy and forward...

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Napolean Robinson Internal Audit Ella Green Human Resources Specialist <7 th November 2008> Re: HR Personnel Activities within Procurement Department Dear Napolean, Per your request, I have asked pulled the records of all human resource employment events that relate to the Procurement Department during the audit period (1/1/2008 - 6/30-2008). These events include new hirings, transfers to/from Procurement, and terminations (either voluntary or involuntary). The following page shows the results of the query from the HR system. I asked Alexandra Johnson, our Application Administrator, to help me out with this as I'm not that computer savvy. If you would like to view the source documents for the employment events, please let me know and I'll have our
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Unformatted text preview: administrative assistant copy and forward them to you. If you have any questions on the system output, contact Alex at x33759. Yours sincerely, Ella NAME EVENT DATE EVENT TYPE TRANSFER FROM TRANSFER TO Taylor, Luis 01/12/08TERM N/A Johnson, Luke 01/19/08TERM N/A White, Mackenzie 02/15/08TERM N/A Martin, Madeline 02/17/08TERM N/A Anderson, Madison 05/16/08TERM N/A Ross, Kaitlyn 04/12/08TRANSFER Procurement Warehouse Operations Campbell, Evelyn 02/01/08TRANSFER Procurement Accounting Ramirez, Evan 04/17/08TRANSFER Procurement Accounting Wood, Jessica 01/01/08TRANSFER Warehouse Operations Procurement Jesse Richardson 01/01/08TRANSFER General Counsel Procurement...
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BlazerHRActions - administrative assistant copy and forward...

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