ADPR3510 - ADPR3510 Chapter 1 Formal research: systematic...

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ADPR3510 Chapter 1 Formal research: systematic gathering, analyzing, and evaluating of data via some methodology (qualitative and quantitative) Informal research: observing of people, events or objects or interest as they occur (typically through qualitative methods) ROPE: Research, Objectives, Program, Evaluation RACE: Research, Action, Communication, Evaluation Cutlip, Center, and Broom’s four-step process: Define PR problems, Planning and Programming, Taking Action and Communicating, Evaluating the program Without research, cannot demonstrate the efficacy of your program PR Research used to: monitor and track, measure and assess, evaluate Programmatic Approach to measurement and evaluation: 3 types of research: 1. Informative: effectiveness of the transmittal and reception of messages 2. Affective: influence of those messages 3. Behavioral: intended action on those message on the target audience Research data 1. Qualitative: subjective Uncontrolled Random observation Can’t measure reliably Validity assumed Inductive interpretation Description Understanding 2. Quantitative: objective Systematic Controlled Can measure reliably Validity measured Deductive interpretation Description Understanding Prediction Control Types of Research: 1. Theoretical: architect
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Seeks to apply underlying framework for study of PR 2. Applied: builder Seeks to use theory-driven research in business world situations Laboratory Research: carefully controlled to exclude anything that might influence the relationships under study other then the specific concepts under study
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ADPR3510 - ADPR3510 Chapter 1 Formal research: systematic...

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