8.19 - o Ad medicine for headaches-Wealth on TV o 50s...

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8/19 Review: - Definition of pop culture - Culture Industry (commercial sources) - People make outside commercial interests Frankfurt School: Culture Industry Culture is manufactured/factory metaphor Shock senses to critically think about where culture came from - Homogenization, recombinant culture - Music factory systems - MTV: music made by machines - Example: Japanese computer generated musician - Nashville = large corporate system for music - Doesn’t write own music - Artist as voice of larger music machine Political Economy - Method of critique - Basic approach of Frankfurt School - Underlying economic structures (profits, business) - Look to understand why commercial culture is o Turn profit o Extension of advertising o Goal- manufacture consumers - Example: Flow- how advertising flows in and out of programming (ads linked to shows) o Programming flows in and out of ads o Ads = remedies to the problems presented in shows o Program: anxiety in the News
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Unformatted text preview: o Ad: medicine for headaches-Wealth on TV o 50s: producers though people wanted to see people like them Example: struggling with money o BUT when ad to purchase something comes on, cognitive dissonance occurs and creates an environment of consumerism and aspirations Domination “The ruthless unity in the culture industry is evidence of what will happen in politics. Markets differentiations such as those of A and B films, or of stories in magazines in different price ranges…”-Link: market segmentation Alienation Factory system-Interchangeable parts-Faceless-Alienated from history of production and future of waste-Not connected to artistic intelligence -In service of profit-Divide consumers-Culture as an extension of advertising Enlightens and inspires vs. Leaves you feeling empty-False art-Disconnected-Manipulative Artists divorced from art...
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8.19 - o Ad medicine for headaches-Wealth on TV o 50s...

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