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Study Guide: Test I SPCM 2360: Rhetoric and Popular Culture The test will consist of 35 multiple choice questions and is worth 20 points. Some questions will ask you to identify definitions of terms. Others will ask about concepts. Still others may ask you to apply concepts to examples. Potential subject matter: Terms : Political Economy - method of critique that says that commercial culture is an effect of underlying real economic structure · Advertising is the center- the more people you can get in front of a screen, the more advertisers try to buy. · The culture industry is about making a profit; individualistic The goal is manufacturing customers. People are being bought and sold in the TV industry. Fetishism of Commodities - assigning a commodity(good/service) a special significance Branding - a brand is the core meaning of the modern corporation. Brands need continuous and constantly increasing advertising to stay in the same place · Mode of identification over persuasions - Product secondary to brand · Spiritual significance: A company/industry has a soul, the same as a person or country having a soul. Branding personalizes that and connects individuals to that soul. · Own universe of stories and entices one to be a character in the story Synergy- the ability to instantly advertise a product or person throughout many connected networks; Disney - due to media consolidation - companies plugging all of their resources with whatever they are trying to promote Ex: Transformers or Hannah Montana The Culture Industry - the entrance of large, corporate entertainment institutions. -Core values of culture : authenticity, meaningful art, and cultural freedom (or
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SPCM2360Test1StudyGuide - Study Guide: Test I SPCM 2360:...

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