2.8.11 His Notes with voice in between

2.8.11 His Notes with voice in between - 2/8/11 His Notes...

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2/8/11 His Notes and Voice over in between Colonial Self Government and Imperial Control A. English Background and political traditions American colonial period & English background = how we have traditions now. England had a liberalism a. Most “liberal” in Europe i. England = most liberal when the colonies were being built (as in power of the crown = weaker in England & the power of the people for gov. had many more rights and illuminated authority and royal authority). ii. Greater degree of representation and voice to the people b. Limits on Royal authority i. Magna Carta ii. English ppl in a variety of ways had 1 and demanded certain rights that were unavailable to most. iii. England had a monarch system c. King/queen = headed the government i. 1500s & 1600s (& even before) the king and queen justified themselves through divine rights/Grace of God. ii. People “should/must” obey them b/c it was god’s will iii. Over time in England those rights and provocative would be diminished. iv. 2 nd major political institution in Elgnalnd = parliament d. English parliament: i. 2 houses/chambers = . . (look down) they are both representative bodies. Then represents 2 groups of ppl. ii. House of lords (hereditary – nobility/elite) (executive) 1. Represents the nobility, noble tites etc 2. Membership in house of lords = born into it from dad Granddad
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3. Until Tony Blair modified this. .? iii. House of commons (elected) (legislative) 1. Represented the “commoners” ppl who don’t have noble blood 2. They were elected/became members of parliament through elections a. iv. Traditions in England that went back to futile period and capture of Charles 1 st 1699 revolution that overthrew james 2 nd . These events put the hands of government in the ppl. v. 3 rd group (kind of) = authority to make laws, authority to execute them, and (judiciary for us) judege the legality of laws. vi. America has 3 branches of government too.
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2.8.11 His Notes with voice in between - 2/8/11 His Notes...

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