2.10.11 new printed out notes. idk how it starts

2.10.11 new printed out notes. idk how it starts - A Lax...

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A. Lax political and ecomomic control B. England’s “dumping ground” policies C. Economic freedoms/taxation D. Institutions of colonial “self rule”: role of colonial charters E. New England a. Concentrated settlement in towns b. Calvaninist traditions c. Town councils and town meetings d. Elected officials “selectmen” e. Colonial assemblies F. Southern colonies a. More widely scattered settlement- plantation system b. “county” organization for government i. Virginia house of Burgesses 1619 c. Church of England G. Middle Colonies: generally a combination of new England and southern colonial institutions H. Broud similarity of Englsih and colonial structure: a. Mimicking in colonial in enland the top executive = b. King → Governor i. Today would be the president ii. Governor didn’t rule alone iii. He had 2 sets of administrative inputs iv. An elite group of advisors to the governors generally called governor’s coucil c. Lords → governor’s council (appointed) i. Today would be house of representatives would represent the house of commons. ii. The house of lords was inherited from the elders
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iii. The commoners were able to elect others to serve in parliament iv. England had a general common law (executive, legislative, and common law served as judicial) v. You had to be chosen to be a part of the governors council. Generally chosen from high up families. d. Commons → colonial assembly (elected) i. Also input from the colonists. They could choose their own representatives. e.
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2.10.11 new printed out notes. idk how it starts - A Lax...

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