English Overseas Empire

English Overseas Empire - English Overseas Empire! :D A....

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English Overseas Empire!! :D A. (1) The Spanish Imperial System a. Colonies of “exploitation” i. Human and Natural Resources ii. Policy of iii. Exclude Non-Spaniards iv. Restriction on Migration-licenses v. Spaniards monopolize political power- No colonial institutions of self- government b. Monopolization of Trade and Commerce: “Mercantilism” c. Roman Catholicism as “official” Religion: d. Incorporation of Native Peoples into the social, economic, political and religious system e. Spain dominates the new world 1492 – 1600 B. (2) Factors leading to the English colonization: a. Role of the Tudor family b. Economic ambitions are Re the Americas c. Social factors: over-population, poverty, crime d. Religious Strife: The English reformation i. Henry 8 th breaks with Rome ii. Church of England (Anglican Church) iii. Later Repression of Dissenters: Puritans, Separatists, Quakers, Catholics C. (3) Types of English Colonies a. Joint Stock, proprietary, royal b. Colonial charters c. Colonies of “settlement” D. (4) Virginia and the Southern colonies: Plantation agriculture: tobacco, rice, indigo, etc.
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a. Search for Labor i. Headright indentured servants ii. Slaves iii. Convicts E. (5) New England and the middle colonies Religious factors: a. John Calvin b. English Calvinists: Separatists and puritans Massachusetts: “City upon a hill”
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English Overseas Empire - English Overseas Empire! :D A....

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