3.10.11 recap - Re-cap A From Nationalism to...

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Unformatted text preview: Re-cap: A. From Nationalism to sectionalism… a. There was a conflict between the two parties but once the old one left there was no conflict B. Rise of west a. 3 sections: N, S, and W i. Each had 3 different points of view ii. Made the sense of nationalism small b/c their opinions differed so much (sometimes led to violence) b. Missouri Compromise i. Showed that there was a spirit of nationalism still alive to keep nation together ii. Wanted an equal number of slave and nonslave states. iii. Missouri came into union with the cost of the entrance of amine to keep the states equal iv. 1820: American political leaders wanted to put this aruguement to rest of where can be slave and where can’t 1. After admission of missour and Maine was to draw a line through what was left of the U.S> 2. 36degree30 min parallel = where line was (through Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, and deleware and further south were slave states and north of that line was where the nonslave states were v. West of Arkansas and OK was Spanish territory C. Today might be abortion, federal funds for public schools a. At that time in history the hot bucket issue was the tariff b. The price of public land i. Should sell at low price so many poor ppl can buy land? ii. Should sell at high price? 1. More money for gov. and keep more landless people in the east and work for the industrial class c. Slavery i. As Missouri compromise related it was asked how far slave states should extend? ii. Slave states wanted to extend very far d. Highways i. Should states or nation control this? e. States rights i. Strong central gov ii. States have the most control? f. Constitution i. Do you want federal government o expand its powers by expanding constitution to expand the fed. Gov. or slim it to give a greater degree of protection to the states ii. ...
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3.10.11 recap - Re-cap A From Nationalism to...

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