2.24.11 and 3.1.11 Origins of the American Political Party System spoken notes

2.24.11 and 3.1.11 Origins of the American Political Party System spoken notes

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Every single elector cast their vote for George Washington then cast their other vote for someone else. G.W. was unanimously elected 2 nd highest = john Adams Origins of the American Political Party System A. The search for a national unity a. General acceptance (consensus) of the constitution, but the battle over ratification revealed differences in its interpretation and government policies i. Once it was finally accepted by 9 states then all 13 had ratified the constitution they decided this would be the document they would work with ii. Ppl. Didn’t break into armed groups to oppose the constitution iii. Now we won our independence everyone will unite behind a single purpose/National program and there will be a national unity and Pride in our nation 1. Accepted a fundamental set of principles that we all agree with and could set into action iv. Not everyone wanted to vote/think/believe the same way on every issue 1. Although a consensus of the document there was a question that lied on how the constitution was interpreted 2. What does it say when it says something? 3. It was written in “black and white” but objective meaning wasn’t always clear v. Political differences 1. That kind of action is carried out by political action groups/political parties b. Washington’s view of political parties i. G.W. thought this would destroy the Constitution and the nation itself 1. Why? b/c of what they saw in the English system a. There were no political parties when the constitution was being made/voted on and there were none in England either 2. He wanted to keep everyone under the same plan 3. Thought the wigs and torys created turbulence in England and didn’t want that to happen in the U.S.
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ii. Our political parties now: Republicans and Democrats 1. Democrats have a different interpretation of how to carry out government than republicans iii. First 2 political parties: For and Against and somewhere in between iv. The president was very powerful the only other ppl. At the time who had power like this were Kings and Queens, or the divine emperor of China/Japan v. Created someone who could become a dictator 1. Why did they create someone with that much power? Based on what was said and discussed at the time the document was created it was said that the members gave the president as much power that they could trust with G.W. 2. U.S. gov. was designed for a single person 3. The U.S. president has an enormous amount of power c. Emergence of factions/parties B. Washington’s presidency (April 1789 – March 1797) a. G.W. Took office in 1789 b. James Adams was his V.P. or person who would take his place if he died i. They made an odd couple ii. J.A. didn’t have much to do iii. In today’s sense he was an advisor to G.W. 1.
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2.24.11 and 3.1.11 Origins of the American Political Party System spoken notes

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