4.5.11 Reconstruction

4.5.11 Reconstruction - K Radical Reconstruction a Civil...

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Reconstruction: putting the Nation back together again after the civil war A. Emancipation Proclamation (1 Jan 1863) B. 13 th amendment (abolished slavery- Dec. 1865) C. Lee’s Surrender- war’s end- april 1865 D. How would the nation be reunited? E. what is the status of the freed men and women? F. How would the “rebels” be treated? G. Who would decide? a. The president or congress? b. the readicals or the moderates? H. Abraham Lincoln a. “With Malice Towards None, and charity for all.” b. “10% plan” Dec. 1863 c. “Radical Republicans”- NO!!! d. Freedmen’s Bureau established (March 1865) i. Congress adjourns e. Assasination of Lincoln (14 April 1865) I. Andrew Johnson (Tennessee) a. Johnson’s “moderate” reconstruction plan (April-December 1865- Congress was adjourned) b. “Black Codes” Prohibited Freedom From i. Bearing arms ii. Holding public office iii. Assembling freely iv. holding jobs that competed with whites v. Vagrancy Laws J. Congress Returns and Radicals React
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Unformatted text preview: K. Radical Reconstruction a. Civil Rights Act (1866) b. 14 th Amendment (citizen ship) c. congressional election of 1866 d. Reconstruction act of 1867 i. military occupation of the south e. 15 th amendment (suffrage) f. command of the army act i. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant g. Tenure of Office Act i. Sect. of War, Edwin M. Stanton h. Impeachment of Andrew Johnson (1868) L. Election of 1868 a. Ulysses S. Grant (1869 – 1877) M. “Waave the Bloody Shirt” (repubs) N. “The Party of Rebellion and Repression” (Dems) O. “Radical” Rule in the South a. “Carpetbaggers” b. “Scalawags” c. “Black Republicans” d. “Birth of a Nation” (1915 Silent)- D.W. Griffith P. Amnesty Act of 1872 Q. Rise of white supremacist/terrorist groups a. ku Klux klan b. knights of the white camellia R. “Bourbon Redeemers” a. White, Conservative Southerners S....
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4.5.11 Reconstruction - K Radical Reconstruction a Civil...

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