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4.7.11 with voice over - Transformation of the Postwar...

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Unformatted text preview: Transformation of the Postwar south 1. “The rights and interests (of freedmen) will be safer if the great masses of intelligent white man are left alone by the federal government.” – President Rutherford B. Hayes, Fall 1877 a. We can do much more for the black people, liberated slaves, if we let the great mass of intelligent whites operate and solve that problem w/o the intervention of the federal government b. announcement that the government was going to leave it up to the southern whites to handle their own racial problems i. blanket approval to integrate discrimination w/o having to worry about the federal government intruding 2. By 1877, all southern states were “redeemed” – “Bourbon Redeemers” a. governments were all in the safety of the hands of southern white democrats i. redeem the south from the agony of reconstruction and of the civil war A. The “New South” – after the fall of “radical republican” governments the south was dominated by a “new elite”: industrialists, merchants, bankers, and railroad promoters a. The “Old Elite” (Planters) dominate rural areas i. did not comfortably reestablish its dominate as the political and economic dominators ii. Southern planters experienced incredible loss 1. plantations were in ruins 2. not a new economic class from the old iii. new group: Bankers, and merchants, industrialist, representatives of the RR industry 1. people from the north with capital and technology who would represent a new economic elite iv. Diminished old elite = dominant in country but not in southern politics v. both instances 1. the old combined with new to serve their own interests 2. the losers would be not only the liberated slaves, but poor southern whites too 3. large majority fell into this category a. almost as handicapped as people with color i. only had dominance b/c of white skin, they were just as uneducated vi. looked at previous 8 – 10 years and identified the old republican regines as corrupt vii. wanted to clean up what the reconstructive governments had done viii.so much wastefull spending in reconstruction governments 1. the areas that needed to be cut to balance the budget 2. chose 2 targets: education and governmental social services 3. Educational system a. miserable in south before civil war ix. to encourage economic development they cut taxes, exempt certain corporations ix....
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4.7.11 with voice over - Transformation of the Postwar...

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