4.19.11 Crises in the 1890s

4.19.11 Crises in the 1890s - h. Coaling Stations to U.S....

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Crises in the 1890s 4/19/11 A. Hawaii a. Yankee missionaries in the 1820s b. seek annexation in the 1860s c. ousting of Queen Liliuokalani-1893 d. Annexed in 1898 B. Cuba a. The 10-year war, 1868 – 78 b. Rise of the U.S. investment- sugar, nickel, etc. c. The war for Cuban Independence 1895 d. Jose Marti e. Gen Valeriano “Butcher” Weyler i. “Reconcentrados” f. “Yellow Journalism” i. New York World- Joseph Pulitzer ii. New York Journal- William R. Hearst g. Sinking of the USS Maine (Feb. 15 1898) i. 266 U.S. Lives Lost ii. “Remember the Maine. . And to hell with Spain” C. Spanish-American-Cuban War a. Cuba- T.R.’s charge Up San Juan Hill b. Philippine Islands- Adm. Thomas Dewey c. “A Splendid Little War” john Hay d. Treaty of Paris (1898) i. Philippines, Puerto Rico Guam e. Teller Amendment- NO Annexation of Cuba (April 1898)
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f. Platt Amendment (1901) i. Limit Treaty- Making Power g. Limit the right to borrow money
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Unformatted text preview: h. Coaling Stations to U.S. Guantanamo Bay i. Permit U.S. intervention j. Later incorporated into the Cuban Constitution k. Panama and the Panama Canal l. Significance of an Trans-Isthmian Canal m. Independence from Colombia- 1903 n. T.R.: I took the Canal o. Sovereign 10-Mile strip across the Isthmus p. $10 Million + 250,000 in Gold Per Year q. Canal Finished in 1914 (Panama took over control on 12/31/1999) D. The Roosevelt Corollary (1904) a. In Flagrant Instances of wrongdoing or Impotence The U.S. will exercise i. International Police Power b. Repeated U.S. Interventions in Latin America from 1900 1930s i. Cuba ii. Haiti iii. Dominican Republic iv. Nicaragua v. Panama vi. Mexico vii. Anti-Americanism Yanqui Go Home!...
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4.19.11 Crises in the 1890s - h. Coaling Stations to U.S....

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