4.19.11 Crises in the 1890s

4.19.11 Crises in the 1890s - h Coaling Stations to U.S –...

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Crises in the 1890s 4/19/11 A. Hawaii a. Yankee missionaries in the 1820s b. seek annexation in the 1860s c. ousting of Queen Liliuokalani-1893 d. Annexed in 1898 B. Cuba a. The 10-year war, 1868 – 78 b. Rise of the U.S. investment- sugar, nickel, etc. c. The war for Cuban Independence 1895 d. Jose Marti e. Gen Valeriano “Butcher” Weyler i. “Reconcentrados” f. “Yellow Journalism” i. New York World- Joseph Pulitzer ii. New York Journal- William R. Hearst g. Sinking of the USS Maine (Feb. 15 1898) i. 266 U.S. Lives Lost ii. “Remember the Maine. . And to hell with Spain” C. Spanish-American-Cuban War a. Cuba- T.R.’s charge Up San Juan Hill b. Philippine Islands- Adm. Thomas Dewey c. “A Splendid Little War” john Hay d. Treaty of Paris (1898) i. Philippines, Puerto Rico Guam e. Teller Amendment- NO Annexation of Cuba (April 1898)
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f. Platt Amendment (1901) i. Limit Treaty- Making Power g. Limit the right to borrow money
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Unformatted text preview: h. Coaling Stations to U.S. – Guantanamo Bay i. Permit U.S. intervention j. Later incorporated into the Cuban Constitution k. Panama and the Panama Canal l. Significance of an Trans-Isthmian Canal m. Independence from Colombia- 1903 n. T.R.: “I took the Canal” o. “Sovereign” 10-Mile strip across the Isthmus p. $10 Million + 250,000 in Gold Per Year q. Canal Finished in 1914 (Panama took over control on 12/31/1999) D. “The Roosevelt Corollary” (1904) a. In “Flagrant Instances of wrongdoing or Impotence”… The U.S. will exercise i. “International Police Power” b. Repeated U.S. Interventions in Latin America from 1900 – 1930s i. Cuba ii. Haiti iii. Dominican Republic iv. Nicaragua v. Panama vi. Mexico vii. “Anti-Americanism” – “Yanqui Go Home!”...
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4.19.11 Crises in the 1890s - h Coaling Stations to U.S –...

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