4.19.11 The Progressive Era

4.19.11 The Progressive Era - Plight of the farmers (Verge...

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The Progressive Era: 1895 – 1920 A. the 1890s- A time of Mixed Emotions: a. Pride in National Accomplishments b. Concern over Deep National problems and challenges to American democracy B. Progressiveness: “Reform the System to save it” a. monopolies b. poor distribution of wealth c. Urban Problems (Immigration/Urban-Rural Migration/Slums/Crime/Inadequate social and sanitation services) d. The political corruption/The “Boss” System e. Civil Rights Concerns, especially for Women f. Plight of African Americans (worsening)
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Unformatted text preview: Plight of the farmers (Verge of revolutions) g. Plight of the Labor ( strikes, violence, repression) C. Who were the Progressives? a. Generally: White men and women; Urban, New Middle-Class professionals D. The “Muckrakers” and their impact a. Lincoln Steffens: Shame of the Cities b. Utpon Sinclair: The jungle, the octopus c. Ida Tarbell: History of the Standard Oil Company d. David G. Phillips: The treason of the senate e....
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