4.26.11 The Great Depression with voice over

4.26.11 The Great Depression with voice over - The Great...

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The Great Depression Position of the U.S. in the post-World War I Era A. 1920’s: “The Roaring Twenties” a. There was an unleashing of emotions, alcohol, and flappers b. a decade of prosperity and excess- But also, a decade of disillusionment, discrimination, and depression i. It seemed as if Americans had the most money at disposal at this time ii. More Americans had more money iii. There was more of almost everything in the upper and middle class but there were still old pockets in the lower class c. Post WWI i. America looked like the richest country in the world, and the greatest economic and military nation in the world = new national status ii. During the war when production was geared up to serve the military, 1. inflation occurred 2. There was more take home pay 3. Pay rose, and Americans continued these process of spending even after the war iii. American industries began to turn away from war production to peace time and turned to production of products that Americans wanted and bought 1. Household accessories 2. Automobile industry a. Henry Ford b. Vehicles that Americans watned and during WWI more and more Americans could buy c. Even after the war even more people could buy all of the products that the American industry could turn out B. Wilson a. would not return to the presidency
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b. With WWI as his responsibility he tried to save the world for democracy i. Made America as one of the highest interveners ii. In 1920 the U.S. was ready to step back and take a breath from being the polic of the world c. Only 2 nd democrat between 1860 and 1920 i. The republican party had dominated ii. Leading members of the republican party had followed the policy of pro business, hands off people’s lives, and d. In 1920 the republicans ran a nice man from OHIO
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4.26.11 The Great Depression with voice over - The Great...

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