Background to Colonization 1.13.11 his notes

Background to Colonization 1.13.11 his notes - b. Rise of...

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Background to Colonization A. Characteristics of European Feudalism a. No “Nation-States” b. Parochial attitudes/conditions c. Land of Tenure System d. Serfdom- immobility and illiteracy e. Dominance of Roman Catholic Church f. Constant Warfare g. Effects of black death- mid 1300s a. Lack of knowledge of a larger world B. Breakdown of Feudalism C. Commercial “Revolution” a. Crusades b. Rise of the Islam 7 th century A.D./Mohammed i. 5 pillars of Islam 1. There’s but 1 God (Allah) and Mohammed is his prophet 2. Fast During Ramadan: the 9 th month of the Islamic year (it is considered a sacred month). 3. Give alms to the poor 4. Pray 5 times a day 5. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca during one’s life 6. (Unofficial) Participate in holy wars to defend one’s faith c. Capture of Jerusalem
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d. 1096: Pope Urban 2 nd at Clermont France e. What did the Crusaders find? Look eastward f. New Goals: Trade, exploration, and conquest D. Political Revolution a. Development of internal order and stability
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Unformatted text preview: b. Rise of Nation States Portugal, Spain, France, England, & Holland c. Political and Economic theories: Divine Rights of Kings, & mercantilism d. Now have a somewhat order, focus, & direction E. Technological/Intellectual Revolution a. Navigation advances: ships, sales (lateen) compass, astrolabe, & maps i. These all gave new capabilities for voyages and discoveries b. Accounts of the crusaders c. Tales of chivalry and Romances d. Allure of strange new places, people, & customs: i. Amazons, Cibola, Gran Quixote e. Investigation of printing press- John Gutenberg i. 1450 Miguel Decervants- Don Quixote ii. Books create lust for adventure & riches F. Religious Revolution a. Demand for reforms in Roman Catholic Church b. Martin Luther- Germany 1517 c. John Calvin France 1530s & others d. Results: War and persecution e....
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Background to Colonization 1.13.11 his notes - b. Rise of...

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