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Unformatted text preview: February 10, 2011 Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence Arrival of the German Hanoverians- 1714 Georges I, II, and III Parliamentary Supremacy Rise of the Prime Minister • Jefferson- borrowed almost directly from Locke’s Treatise on Govt • Prime Minister was the one who was seen as the one in charge- leader of Government in England still to this day, elected by parliament. Tony Blair was one of the most political figures in recent history in England • Lax political control and economic control by England on colonies. • Used colonies as almost a human dumping ground. Had no control over what they did when they got there • English colonists some of the most free people at the time • Taxed themselves- colonial assemblies had this authority • Colonial charters- foundations of political control and such. Gave them lots of freedom to determine what they would do in their colony • New England represented the most important cradle of American democracy- Puritans settled in towns close together- religions allowed them to choose own...
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February_10_American_History[1] - February 10, 2011...

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