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Autonomic system 1. sympathetic – inhibit contraction of digestion 2. parasympathetic- stimulate contraction for digestion 3. contain two neurons in motor pathway 4. Neuron begins with the cell body in brain or cord (preganglionic neuron) myelinated exits CNS by way of a cranial or spinal nerve, outside CNS separate from the nerve and extends to a ganglion, and terminates. Synapses by way of dendrite called postganglionic neuron. Axon from this neuron is unmyelinated to visceral effectors (smooth, cardiac or glands) where it terminates. 5. Preganglionic neuron from the gray matter (lateral horn) of spinal cord in middle segments (12 thoracic, 2-3 lumbars). Preganglionic fibers exit cord along
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Unformatted text preview: ventral roots of spinal nerves. They enter ganglion chain called sympathetic truck ganglia. They sometimes terminate others reenter to spinal nerve and travel with spinal nerve to reach the visceral effectors. 6. Parasympathetic division: Preganglionic neurons originate l brain stem and sacral region of spinal cord (S2-4). Axons exit as part cranial nerve or ventral root of spinal cord end at terminal ganglia located near or within visceral effectors. Postganglionic neurons start terminal ganglia extend short distance to the visceral effectors....
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