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Bone: 1. Contains mineral salts, collagen fibers 2. Very little ground substance 3. Dense hard matrix maintained by cells called osteocytes 4. Osteocytes- nutrition by diffusion, surround bone periosterum Two types of bone: Compact and Spongy 5. Spongy: a. Small thin plates of calcified matrix b. Spicules or trabeculae- mineral salts and collagen c. Spicules contain osteophytes with in lacunae, fuse together form irregular network d. between
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Unformatted text preview: Spicules highly vacular tissue called red marrow e. function production OF RBCs, three of the five WBC, platelets 6. Compact bones: a. densely packed- mineral salts and collagen b. layer down in a series of layers called lamellae from central canal c. surround central canal called osteonic or haversian, supply blood vessels d. a vascular, so tiny canal penetrated matrix between cells called canaliculi...
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