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Muscular Responses 1. All or none A. Must reach threshold to stimulate muscle B. Recruitment- adding of stimuli together to cause a response 2. Types of contractions A. Twitch- rapid response, last on 1/10th of a second 1) latent period- time delay believed time required for Ca+ to be released, myosin to be activated and cross bridge to occur 2) Period of contraction- upward movement on my gram 3) Period of relaxation- downward movement after peak
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Unformatted text preview: B. Treppe- rapidly occurring twitches following each other (possible m. warm up for contraction) 1. primary motor area- in front of central sulcus 2. premotor area- receives impulses from primary motor area, cerebellum, basal ganglion- serves skeletal m. 3. visual motor area- called frontal eye field area, eye scanning 4. Motor speech area- called Broca’s area- speech m. coordinated speech...
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