Production of movement

Production of movement - Strain- stretching or tearing of...

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Production of movement 1. origin- point of attachment to more stationary bone 2. insertion- attachment to more movable bone Condition: Myasthenia gravis- autoimmune disease, dropped eyelid, difficulty swallowing Atrophy- downsizing of muscle Muscular dystrophy- atrophy and degeneration of m., female carrier, expressed in male
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Unformatted text preview: Strain- stretching or tearing of tendons Muscle tear- muscle detaches from insertion point Smooth and Cardiac Muscle 1. Cardiac- nuclei, intercalated disks (thickening of cell membranes, allow m. to function as a unit) 2. Smooth m.- not look like skeletal, contract slowly, but longer, by hormonal means...
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