Review sheet for Comm 300 Exam 1

Review sheet for Comm 300 Exam 1 - How we decide if numbers...

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C OMM 300: C OMMUNICATION R ESEARCH Exam 1 NOTE: This review sheet lists ALL the material from class and the readings that you will be responsible for on this exam. If it is on here, make sure you know it very well and feel comfortable applying it. Ways of knowing ( ) All non-scientific ways of knowing covered in class/textbook (authority, tradition, selective attention, etc.) Drawbacks of these approaches Characteristics & strengths of the scientific approach Definition of theory Understanding research in society ( ) Elements of social theory Types of scientific inquiry (deduction, induction, grounded theory)
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Unformatted text preview: How we decide if numbers have value Questions to be asked when evaluating the value of research The decline effect, publication bias, limits of replication & what this all means for research development and progress (Lehrer article) Ethics of doing research ( Babbie, Ch. 3 & Lehrer article ) Significant moments in history leading to research standards/ethics (Nuremberg, Tuskegee, Milgram, 1990s shift to rights to access) Ethical responsibilities of researchers Definitions & components of: voluntary participation, informed consent, do no harm, right to privacy (confidentiality vs. anonymity), debriefing IRB boards: purposes, issues, specially protected groups, times when IRB approval isnt needed Ethical issues in deception studies Ethical issues of participant trust Autism case studymain details/points...
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Review sheet for Comm 300 Exam 1 - How we decide if numbers...

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