Social Psych Unit 1 Exam Review

Social Psych Unit 1 Exam Review - CHAPTER 1 (INTRODUCING...

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CHAPTER 1 (INTRODUCING SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 1. What Is Social Psychology? What are Social Psychology’s Big Ideas? 2. In what ways to values enter the science of psychology? 3. What is hindsight bias? How does knowledge of the hindsight bias help us address the question of whether social psychology is simply common sense? 4. What is a theory? How are theories different from facts? What is a hypothesis? What functions do hypotheses serve? What is falsifiability? What is the relationship between theories and hypotheses? 5. Where do social psychologists conduct their research? What are the benefits and drawbacks of lab studies and field studies? 6. What is a correlation? What does correlation tell us about the relationship between variables? What do correlations enable scientists to do? What is the “third variable effect?” What are the benefits of conducting partial correlation and time-lagged correlational analyses? 7. Explain the value of random sampling in survey research. Explain potential sources of bias in survey research (e.g. question order effects, response set/options, question framing, social desirability) 8. What do social psychologists conduct experiments? What are the benefits of experiments over correlational studies? Define independent variables, dependent variables, and random assignment. 9. Discuss the ethics of experimentation. What safeguards do social psychologists use to protect research participants? Be able to define mundane realism, experimental realism, demand characteristics, informed consent, and debriefing. Explain why social psychologists sometimes use deception in research. CHAPTER 2 (THE SELF IN A SOCIAL WORLD) 1. Define the spotlight effect and illusion of transparency. Be familiar with examples of the illusion of transparency. 2.
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Social Psych Unit 1 Exam Review - CHAPTER 1 (INTRODUCING...

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