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6physHW3 - Ffllfl identical light bulbs an going[a he...

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Unformatted text preview: Ffllfl' identical light bulbs an: going [a he cumtctfld In a cumnmt vultaga sum. Will fl]: bulbs pmvida mum brightness iffllejr are mam-stall in saris, m' in parallal‘? Snlutiun: lpj' thfi l‘EfilfitHJ'II'EF! Inf Ralph hull“: h-F! R. 1Jamar-n the hulhs. Hm FflllflWtfiE‘l in Haring the tntnl walafanrn nf' 1*l1-P. nimnif. 15: JR. In parallel? Hm HIItlLrfilET'It. migranm is i—i+i+i+i =5. R —E Hui—H H R R. ”‘4' The parallel circuit. has less mull resistanm tn the flaw of charge. The vantage mutt»; is muatanL 3:1 comparing the brightneas [1.2.1 the pm} is best dune using the expreaaluu {fl-VF R . Frum this ‘Wfl fiflfl that maxilla" twifimnfifl, gimn a cafwtma-fi vultagfl, mnuumefi mm gamut. ThlIFl- the hull-1&1 will prnvirle ITIDIE briglltnEt—I-L F_ ...
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