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6physHW12 - "F|"ilen1i:|e lighls efiln...

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Unformatted text preview: -"F|"ilen1i:|e lighls efiln ante-nubile an: switched mean smnIeter in series with them reads H110 A sndavelmeter emlneeted ERIE fllemreach'. 12.410qu When flleeleflrie sterling western else unneden. the mterreediegth‘epste EEflAandflE liglIs-tlim semewtm.{a}lfflle imerns] resislsneeefflle hatter} fififluflandfltelefflle anuIeleris mgligih-h,whe1islheemfefflle hatleqr? {b} What deesfllemlflmteneadwten [he slanting meterislurned en‘i| [eJIWhat Ed]: wrreel dunegh the starting miller? Eelnlien: III I: in] "When the starting meter is DE. that pertien. at. the eireuit can. just he renter-red fer simplieitgr. giving Lee the ens-leap eireuit diagram en the left shave. fllse. I‘se remesed the weltnleter, but left in the peints in the eirellit where it attaehes. l-"er this pm at the prehlem, we're teld the tetal current flunugh the circuit, and the voltage between points l-II and 1.3. This is the 1I.n|:rltage dilferenee senses the lights1 as we even use Uhm’s Law Is ealeuiete the resists-lee of the lights: 31V 1140 "'1." HI. = — = f Iflflfl A. = 1.3216 R. {This isn't maesserfly helpful lime, iJuL meg; he later.} Alfie, elnee [he sense eurreut flue-s blue-ugh the battle”- teal lte iteletel, we eall calculate the tell-age they were the battery's internal resistanee, again using Dhmis Law: sent = n; = {ll‘LSE-I'I meats e] = stem 1:. This is useful- The emf ef the battery, esmhirbed with this 1.nzlltage limp, needs te equal the tetsi veltege between points F and Q: E—flVmp=flVF-q =5- 5=flV§m+flVpfl e = lsevwssis v: uses: {b} EU} UII-L'f.‘ I‘ll-n Hurting mum: |.1.' u-II. 1.th cur-ml! I-‘J‘JI-LII" 11L-:-'.L m: right-1mm ding-um. ‘M'J'r-E mld the tumult fiflwing tllmugh the lights. 5:: we can use the lightS'" resistance.- {alml} Iu Hm] I'll-l 'n'iJlIJ-IHH. dl'irrHIEIIIE-H mum». LIIEIII. Mr - hm, - {Em mtmm n; - 10.45 1:. Eilhrlil l-tu'l mlmmor Id L'Ulllmi'llbfl f-Li: dil-hi'll‘ L'hfl Lil 'IE-HLI light-ti. lt will run} f-Ihin' fill'llu. H.515 '5." i lit-El 1f. F'tn- this last- part-, we dflfl'l kn-uw the mrrent thnmgh the battery. But if we did. we I'IIIIII1 IIM' I'll-LI IIIIrIIIIHI-llillll rlllllll-IJ 'l.|.:|.h I.|IIH'IIIII'III. LIIIIIIIEJI I.1II' lily-JIM. In “lull IIII- llllll-IIII'I-u CHTIE'I'I'IL l""1'11:rII part “1} 1m?! J-II'Iu'i'u' HLr 'Imltflgfi Inf-time" IHfiELta-t |" and fl and Hum part EFL} m3- I'm-W r114; ham-um} arr-f. a: Huh-hrmtinn 11mm mum 'll-fl LII-:I Wham MPH Hm h-nnm-‘H Internal Irma-inner: iii-mu = E —fl.|l-’pfl =119‘El' 'Ir' — 111.45 ‘-.-" = 2.54 "-.-". F'I'ILIIII this: um um HH- LIIH i'.L|I|'-HIII Hun-ugh [his IIz'HiHLJJI' {and I‘IH-IHJE [lull-ugh [1le Igrll'll'l;I IcFI: brunch EFF 1.1111: circuitj: arm _ 2.54 v n — [1.1153 fl = fl 1'9 ’5‘ run = TIIIF. Ill-IJ-lll L llIlI-IIII alllilsl. III-El“- LIIIIIIIEIIII II‘H-I IIILIIll-l J-lllll IIII—l “EIIIIIF.._ HI I” + J; - .-..; ——.- I” - 43.19- .A. — 34120 .n. — ...
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