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Reading& Review_Outline_for exam

Reading& Review_Outline_for exam - • Present value of...

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Econ 620: Development Economics Review Outline for Midterm 2 Your midterm will be a 2 hour exam on November 17. It will be a combination of questions in the nature of multiple choice/true-false/short answers/ analyzing based on graphs and tables. The concepts that you will be tested on are: Rostow’s Stages of Growth Harrod-Domar (AK) model Average Propensity to Save Incremental capital-output ratio Lewis model of structural change & criticisms Harris-Todaro model & policy implications for development Export promotion strategy Import Substitution strategy Balanced vs Unbalanced growth Solow model Historical growth of world population Rate of population increase Age structures, dependency ratio Hidden momentum Theory of Demographic transition Malthusian model and its criticisms Microeconomic theory of household fertility
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Unformatted text preview: • Present value of costs & benefits, discount rates • Social and private rate of return from investment in education • Youth bulge • Measuring quality and quantity of education • Externalities associated with education & health and sources of market failure • Economic reasons for health & education as a means to development • In the context of material covered in this part of the course, iscuss policies (and/or programs) that promote development, reduce inequalities and increase growth in the developing world. FAQs How do I study for the exam? Read the assigned readings, go through class discussions/notes and critically think about the significance of each of these concepts in the context of development. What do I need for the exam? You need a few sheets of paper/ blue book, pen, calculator....
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