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Econ 620: Development Economics Review Outline for Midterm 1 Your midterm will be a 2 hour exam on September 29. It will be a combination of questions in the nature of multiple choice/true-false/short answers/ graphs/ simple calculations based on tables. The concepts that you will be tested on are: Measuring and defining Development Gross national income (GNI) Purchasing power parity Income per capita Less developed countries (LDCs) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) More developed countries (MDCs) Absolute poverty Gross national product (GNP) Human Development Index (HDI) Income Index Life expectancy index Education index Common Characteristics of the developing world Quintiles, Deciles, quartiles Gini coefficient, graphical representation of Gini and interpretation of the coefficient
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Unformatted text preview: • Poverty Headcount • Poverty line • Headcount ratio/Headcount Index • Human Poverty Index • Income inequality • Kuznets curve • Lorenz curve, drawing Lorenz curve and interpretation • Total Poverty Gap and interpretation • Personal distribution of income • Poverty gap, calculating poverty gap and interpretation • Characteristics of the poor • Policy suggestions for poverty alleviation • Microfinance lending models, pros and cons • Microfinance debates FAQs How do I study for the exam? Read the assigned readings, go through class discussions/notes and critically think about the significance of each of these concepts in the context of development. What do I need for the exam? You need a few sheets of paper/ blue book, pen, calculator....
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