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assignment 6 - Lessons American Economic Review May...

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Topic. Education and Human capital Readings: World Bank, World Development Report, 2004 , Chapters 7 [WDR] World Bank, World Development Report, 2007 , Overview [WDR] Eric Hanushek, “Why quality matters in education”, Finance and Development , June 2005. [FD] In more detail: Kremer, Michael, “Randomized Evaluations of Educational Programs in DevelopingCountries: Some
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Unformatted text preview: Lessons, American Economic Review, May 2004. [JSTOR] Glewwe, Paul (2002), "Schooling and Skills in Developing Countries: EducationPolicies and Socioeconomic Outcomes," Journal of Economic Literature 40, June 2002, 436-482. [JSTOR]...
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