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Syllabus ECON 620: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FALL 2009 Professor Anoshua Chaudhuri Department of Economics Office: HSS 145 San Francisco State University Email: anoshua@sfsu.edu San Francisco, CA Class Page: log on through ILearn Office Hours: T 3-4pm, Th 6-7pm or by appt This course is part of GE Segment III: Third World Development, Category A & B (fulfills CESD requirement). The prerequisites for this class are Econ 100 and Econ 101. For students majoring in Economics, this will double-count as a GE class (if you choose this cluster) as well as an upper-division Elective, up to one such double-counting allowed. Graduate students will not get any elective credit for this class. You can arrange to sign up for an independent study to get graduate credit. COURSE OBJECTIVES This course explores economic analysis of behavior and policy issues important in developing economies. While many of these subjects are also important for industrialized economies, some are of special relevance to poor economies. COURSE MATERIAL The course is developed around readings. There is no main text, but books and periodicals that will be used extensively in the course are: Smith and Todaro, Economic Development ; 10 th edition, World Bank, World Development Report, and International Monetary Fund, Finance and Development . Other recommended books are Paul Collier, The Bottom Billion and Raymond Fisman & Edward Miguel, Economic Gangsters . These books are available at www.amazon.com, on the web at www.worldbank.org (go to ‘data & research’, then to World Development Report under research Publications [WDR]) and at www.imf.org (go to publications, periodicals, then to Finance and Development [FD]). Some of these books will be available on reserve at the SFSU Library. Articles may be either from these books or available
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620_Fa09_syl[1] - Syllabus ECON 620: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT...

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