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FPST 2243 Exam 1 Fall 2002keys

FPST 2243 Exam 1 Fall 2002keys - F PST 2243 Exam 1 Fall...

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FPST 2243 Exam 1 Fall 2002 (5) 1. Give the names for the indicated piping components of the typical sprinkler sprinkler system shown below. A. Branch line; B. Riser Nipple; C. Cross main; D. Feed main; E: Riser (10) 2. Draw simple schematic riser diagrams using proper symbols for both a wet system using an alarm check valve and a dry system. Show the alarm valve and dry valve, all indicating control valves and check valves and the fire department connection. Wet Dry 3. Give two specific rules that apply specifically to gridded dry systems. Gridded dry system are not permitted. 4. What Earthquake Zone is OSU in? 1 5. What is the primary purpose of the fire department connection? To permit the fire department to pump water into the sprinkler system to supplement existing water supplies. ( 6. What are the two best methods of supervising indicating control valves in the open position? Electronic tamper switches/chain and padlock
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7. Provide the occupancy classification for the following: (A.5) a. A bank building: Light b.
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